Saturday, March 5, 2022

Microsoft Access : How to change a field caption, field size, set the default value and update for a field

How to change a field caption :

In Datasheet view, click Name & Caption in the Properties group (on the Table Tools Fields tool tab). In Design view, enter the caption in the Caption property box..

How to change the field size :

In Datasheet view, use the Field Size box in the Properties group (on the Table Tools Fields tool tab) to specify the field size for a text field. In Design view, select the field size setting for a Number field; enter the value for a text field.

How to set the default value for a field :

In Datasheet view, click Default Value in the properties group to open the Expression Builder. In Design view, you can enter the default value, or click the ellipsis button (…) in the Default Value property box to open the Expression

Builder and enter the value or expression there

How  to set and update field properties in Design view :

  1. In the Navigation pane, right-click the table, and then click Design View.
  2. Select the field whose properties you want to set.
  3. In the Field Properties area, specify the value for the properties or select an option in the list Access provides

How to change a field’s data type :

In Design view, select the new value in the Data Type list. In Datasheet view, select the new setting in the Data Type list on the Field tool tab’s Formatting group.

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