Thursday, October 27, 2016

Microsoft Word Tutorial : How To Compare Documents

How to compare documents in Microsoft Word 2013:
  1. Open a blank document in Word. (You can also start with the original document or the revised document open.) 
  2. On the Review tab, in the Compare group, click Compare, and then click Compare on the menu. 
  3. In the Compare Documents dialog box, select the original document (if it isn’t already selected) from the list or by clicking the folder icon and browsing to the location where the document is saved. 
  4. Select the revised document you want to compare with the original document. 
  5. In the Label changes withlist for the original and revised document, specify the user name or initials you want to attribute differences to. 
  6. If the Comparison settingsarea is not displayed, click More. 
  7. In the Comparison settingsarea, clear or select the check boxes to specify the document elements you want Word to use in its comparison. 
  8. In the Show changes atarea, choose either the option to show changes at the character level or the option to show changes at the word level. 
  9. In the Show changes inarea, choose an option for where you want Word to show changes: in the original document, in the revised document, or in a new document. 
  10. Click OK. If Word prompts you about tracked changes, click Yes to complete the comparison.

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